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  • Maven, Spring 3, Spring Security, Rest, jQuery, Hibernate, JSP, Jenkins, Nexus
  • Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, ...
  • This Project go life soon. The Technologies of the Project are hidden at the moment...
Defective Parts Processing [, 2013 - 2015 ]:

The project comprised the implementation of the Defective Part Processing from dealer to importer and/or Porsche AG. Defective Part Processing represents a part of Porsche World Warranty System.

  • Maven 3, jBPM, Spring 3, Spring Security, Rest (Jersey), jQuery
  • DB2, VisualCobol, iText, Hibernate, JDBC, JSP, Jenkins, Nexus
COBOL Java restructuring [, 2013 - 2015 ]:

This project comprised building a Java bridge between Porsche’s legacy COBOL supply train architecture and their pre-digital database. With the help of Visual COBOL a new database access architecture was implemented.

  • JEE7, Spring 3, Maven 3, jQuery, Struts
  • DB2, Hibernate, JDBC
  • Visual Cobol, Jenkins, Nexus
Keys for Car Software [, 2013 - 2015 ]:

The goal of this project was to implement administration software and access for Porsche, including code generation for prefabricated automobile parts as well as software key generation.

  • JEE7, TeamLeaf, Maven 3, Spring 3, JavaCC, jQuery, Spring MVC
  • DB2, Hibernate, Jenkins, Nexus, StarUML
Software License for Cars [, 2013/08 - 2014/06 ]:

Porsche Function Enabling System: the project focused on the implementing and administration of automatic software upgrades and of software activation, for example for GPS systems, to streamline the Porsche-dealer-customer business process.

  • JEE7, TeamLeaf, Maven 3, Spring 3
  • DB2, Hibernate, Quartz, JNA, MyBatis, Jenkins, Nexus, StarUML
Car Retrieval [, 2013/10 - 2014/02 ]:

Modernisation of Porsche’s internal car search and identification system: re-engineering and redesign of the old system and architecture.

  • JEE7, TeamLeaf, Maven 3, Spring 3, Spring MVC, jQuery
  • DB2, Hibernate
Car Recall [, 2014/01 - 2014/12 ]:

Re-engineering and redesign for a new architecture of Porsche’s system responsible for identifying and classifying the nature and degree of danger represented by potential defects and the consequent necessity for recall.

  • JEE7, TeamLeaf, Maven 3, Spring 3, Spring MVC, jQuery, jUnit
  • DB2, Hibernate, StarUML
NHTSA (Traffic Safety Information Service) [, 2014/07 - 2014/11 ]:

Implementation of web service for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This service makes available the data collected by Porsche’s Car Recall system for the NHTSA, among other.

  • JEE7, Maven 3, Spring 3, REST, jUnit
  • DB2, Hibernate, MyBatis, StarUML
Car Insurance [, 2014 - 2015 ]:

This project saw the re-engineering of the old Porsche car insurance database and data migration to a new system architecture.

  • JEE7, Maven 3, Spring, jUnit
  • DB2, Hibernate, POI
Goodwill Web Service [, 2014/10 - 2014/12 ]:

We re-engineered Porsche’s ex gratia (goodwill) web service system and migrated it to a new architecture. Particularly important here was that the new system responded and worked exactly in a one-to-one correspondence to the old.

  • JEE7, Apache CXF, Spring 3, jUnit
  • DB2, Hibernate
Re-engineering Authentication Services [, 2014/11 - 2015/02 ]:

Re-engineering of the system for authentication and clearance for employees of the World Warranty System: system modules were taken apart and implemented individually with the goal that further system modules receive access.

  • JEE7, Maven 3, Spring 3
  • DB2, Hibernate
Analysis System Development [, 2013/06 - 2013/07 ]:

Analysis of pre-existing system and development of new functionalities for the Porsche Car Configurator at, and collection of statistics on user preferences and choices.

  • JEE7, Spring, MBeans, JSF, JMX
  • DB2 v8, Hibernate
  • Apache Maven, Apache CXF
Book Store Search Engine, Cluster [, Since 2012/08 ]:

Osiander is one of the largest bookstores in Germany. Their online shop has a selection of over 10 million products. A search machine was created for product retrievability and presentation. was responsible for the architecture, management and development of the search machine. The biggest challenge of the project lay in the large amounts of data that had to be processed while allowing simultaneous use by countless bookstore customers.

  • Architecture, Management, Development of the Search Engine
  • Search Engine: Solr 3.6 (+Tomcat, +Apache)
  • Common: CSV, Spring3, jUnit
  • Documentation: Maven Site
  • Continuous Integration System: Jenkins
  • JIRA (+GreenHopper)
  • Database: MySQL
New Developments for the Data Bus System of the new Porsche Model [, 2012/05 - 2013/07 ]:

The project consisted of maintenance, new developments and re-engineering of the Editor, which, among other things, delivers data for the Porsche Car Configurator as well as for advertising purposes.

  • Architecture, Management, Enhancement
  • JVM 7, Tomcat 7
  • Common: Spring3, jUnit, Ant
  • View: MyFaces
  • Databases: DB2, Hibernate
  • JIRA (+GreenHopper)
Flow Engine, OSGi [, 2011/05 - 2012/03 ]:

The core of this project lay in the development of software for produced machines and devices, for example: wind turbines that collect and process statistical data. The result had to be a high availability system whose software and hardware can guarantee constant operation.

  • Architecture, Management and develpment of the OSGi-based (Apache Karaf) Flow-Engine
  • OSGi: Apache Karaf
  • Build System: Maven3
  • Code Quality: PMD, FindBugs, CheckStyle
  • Common: XML, XStream, Spring3, jUnit
  • Documentation: Maven Site
  • Continuous Integration System: Jenkins
  • JIRA (+GreenHopper, +FishEye, +Confluence)
Search Engine for Baden-Württemberg [, 2011/08 - 2011/10 ]:

The Baden-Württemberg LEO-BW regional information system offers qualified information from and about Baden-Württemberg. The staff assisted in the development of the search engine for LEO-BW, which is based on the following technologies:

  • Development of the Search Engine for the Baden-Württemberg Regional Information System
  • Build System: Maven3
  • Database: PostgreSQL 9.x + Liquibase + Hibernate
  • Codequality: PMD, FindBugs
  • Search Engine: Lucene3, Solr 3.x
  • Common: Spring3, Liferay Portal
  • Continuous Integration System: Jenkins
  • Documentation: Google Pages
  • Application Server: Tomcat6
Maintenance of a Vehicle Safety Data Bus System [, 2011/05 - 2011/08 ]:

In order to test safety aspects of newly developed vehicles, Audi uses two different test methods: the crash test, which is an expensive method, and the computer-supported simulation of a vehicle crash. The data generated comes from two different systems and must be combined and transferred to the appropriate departments.

  • Build System: Maven2
  • Database: JDBC, Hibernate, Oracle DB
  • XML, XSD, JSON, sTax2
  • Common: Spring 2.5, ESB, Quartz, EJB2
  • View: Velocity, HTML, MyFaces, RCP
  • Documentation: StarUML, Enterprise Architekt
  • Bug Tracking: JIRA
  • Application Server: JBoss 5
  • OS: Linux/ Windows
Event Search Engine [, 2008/06 - 2011/05 ]:

FoxyEvents is an event search engine containing over 100,000 events currently occurring word-wide. Algorithms developed in-house are used to interprate and determine applicable entries for all search terms. In addition, they must handle translation of free text searches using a semantic search.

  • Offshoring (7 People)
  • Building Search Application: Concept + Design + Architecture, Implementation, GUI, Database Architecture, Configuration, Administration, Processing of large XML data volumes, ...
  • Build System: Maven2 (+Bash, @Deprecated: Ant)
  • Database: PostgreSQL 8.4 (+Postgis) + Ibatis + Liquibase (=Database Change Management)
  • Code Quality: PMD, FindBugs, CheckStyle, Cobertura
  • Search Engine: Lucene3, Sorl (@Deprecated: Compass), LingPipe
  • XML/ XSD/ JSON: sTax1/2, Apache Digester, XStream
  • Common: Spring3, Spring Security, Quartz, jCaptcha
  • View: Velocity (template engine), Jasper Reports (PDF/ DOC), Spring MVC, HTML/CSS/JS (jQuery), GWT
  • XML (Apache Tiles + Build configuration like Maven2)
  • Payment API: PayPAL
  • Continuous Integration System: Hudson
  • Test Systems: Selenium, *Unit: jUnit, xmlUnit, TestNG
  • Design: Photoshop CS3
  • Documentation: StarUML, TRAC, Javadoc, Balsamic Mockups
  • IDE: Eclipse + SVN
  • Application Server: Tomcat6
  • Operation System: Open Suse 11
  • Development based striclty on Design Patterns + Code Conventions + Pre-defined Architecture
Aeronautical Information Repository Interface [, 2008/01 - 2010/12 ]:

As a result of our involvement in the field of aircraft safety, a challenging, technically complex system was developed, which is used in airports to support the dispatcher in his work and allow pilots to create their own flight plans.

  • Aeronautical Data Access System: EAD (ESI) + AIXM 4.5
  • Build System: Ant, Bash (+Maven2)
  • Database: PostgreSQL + Hibernate + EJB3
  • Code Quality: PMD, FindBugs, CheckStyle
  • XML/ XSD: sTax1 (Processing Large Data Volumes), JiBX, JAXB2
  • ESI: European Aeronautical Database System Interface + AIXM 4.5
  • Common: Apache Commons *, Quartz, MBeans, Spring3, SOA
  • View: MyFaces, JBoss Portal, JSP/ JSF, JS/ HTML/ CSS
  • Messaging Systems: JMS (SonicMQ)
  • Continuous Integration System: Hudson
  • Test Systems: Selenium, *Unit: jUnit, TestNG, dbUnit
  • IDE: Eclipse + SVN
  • Application Server: JBoss 5
  • Operation System: Fedora 11
  • Team Organisation: Scrum
We would be happy to provide you with more information on projects upon request ...