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JEE/ Java Technology Consulting
Technology Consulting

We support your company in various technical fields, for instance in software architectures, software processes, coaching, consulting, technology exchange, application development, modularization, system integration, application management, operations and quality control.

Let us guide your company to a noticeable improvement in efficiency and performance.

Expertise in Java & Component Model JEE
Expertise in Java &
Component Model JEE

We put the experience gained from countless software projects using the programming language Java and the component model Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) to good use for your company. This experience in combination with commercial and open source solutions allows us to develop crucial business solutions.

A reliable procedural model allows us to offer fixed-price projects.

Outsourcing: Nearshoring & Offshoring
Nearshoring & Offshoring

Our IT outsourcing team offers your company the potential for efficiency increases and cost reduction.

In order to take into consideration key aspects of a problem and lead your company to success, we support you in tasks, such as::

- Business Case Creation
- Project Planning & Support
- Coaching und Consulting
- Software Development

References: Projects & Customers
Projects & Customers

An assortment of our projects and satisfied customers in the field of Java development can be found in the gray area below.

Of course we offer our services to large companies as well as small and mid-sized enterprises. Let us convince you of the quality of our work by taking a look at the following testimonials. We see the efficient support of your business processes as our mission.